Land Planning & Site Design



Provide ground control for Site feasibility studies including zoning analysis, development constraints/opportunities, and master planning

Assist with design development and contract documents, including site layout, grading, utilities and building layout.

Environmental surveys and assessments delineating streams, wetlands, forest, steep slopes and Critical Areas relative to site development potential and permitting

Floodplain surveys, used for hydrology and storm water management design

Assistance with permitting, zoning relief and expert testimony

Construction period services and field observation

Existing conditions plans, post-construction as-built plans and certifications.


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Planning Board Consultation

Many of our clients rely on us to help present their projects to various planning boards. We help assure the board that all projects will meet municipal zoning codes, subdivision regulations, street, water and sewer specifications, etc., as well as New Hampshire state and federal codes, regulations and permits. Yerkes Surveying Consultants, now part of DuBois & King, Inc., represents clients at board meetings as necessary to discuss and inform the Planning Board of the projects scope and design requirements necessary to grant approval.

Land Development

    Before construction can begin, land use issues must be addressed by the landowners or the developers of a site. Proper land planning will help to answer the following questions:>
  • Is my plan compatible with existing zoning regulations?
  • Are there any drainage considerations or flood issues?
  • Will the project require any waivers or variance requests?
  • What is the availability of public facilities and services, such as private and public utilities?