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The Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act (CSPA) (RSA 483-B) was originally enacted into law in the 1991 session of the Legislature. The act established minimum standards for the subdivision, use and development of the shorelands along the state's larger waterbodies. In April and July of 2008, the act was amended and several changes took effect July 1, 2008.

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Yerkes Surveying Consutants take care of Shoreland permits

These changes affect shorefront property owners. If you are considering new construction or construction that modifies the footprint of existing impervious surfaces on a lot within the protected shoreland, using mechanized equipment to either excavate, remove or form a cavity within the ground within the protected shoreland and filling any area within the protected shoreland with rocks, soil, gravel or sand you most likely will require a shoreland permit. Yerkes Surveying Consultants, now a part of DuBois & King, Inc., can assist you with submitting a Shoreland Permit Application and create associated plans for DES review.