University System of N.H. - Plymouth State College
As-built and topographic site survey of approximately 28±
acres of the college campus including utilities, landscaping,
buildings, features and improvements.

    Town of Gilford - Glendale Survey
Boundary, topographic and as-built survey of Town docking,
boat launching, and parking facilities. Deed research,
boundary determination, set property corners and draft plan
suitable for recording.

     Rist-Frost-Shumway - Pemi-Baker Regional High School
As-built and topographic site survey of existing school
facility for design of proposed renovations and additions.

     Helen K. Miller 1989 Trust - Cluster Subdivision
Boundary and topographic survey for 4 unit cluster
subdivision plan with common frontage on Lake Opechee.
Land Planning and obtained required regulatory permits.

      City of Laconia - Union Avenue Sidewalk Project
Route survey for proposed sidewalk design. Detailed topographic survey including location of all utilities, structures,
and improvements.

      City of Laconia - New Police Station
Research and Boundary survey of Fair & New Salem street
site. Detailed topographic survey including location of all
utilities, structures and improvements.

      Wood & Clay Partners - “The Pines” Subdivision
Boundary and topographic survey of 79 acre tract of land
with water frontage on Lake Winnipesaukee. Wetlands location and dredge and fill permitting for access road to (5)  waterfront lots. N.H.D.E.S. and Town of Moultonboro, subdivision permitting and final approvals.

        Fluet Engineering, P.C. - Waterline Extension Project
Route survey for waterline design to extend service from
Weirs Blvd. In Laconia to Waterford Place in Gilford.

          Fluet Engineering, P.C. - Town of Gilford
Route survey for sanitary sewer design to extend service
from Henderson Road to Gilford Village.

          DM Management/J. JILL - Tilton Distribution Center
Construction stake-out for horizontal and vertical control
of office/warehouse foundations. Route survey for highway
expansion and design of traffic improvements. ALTA/ACSM as-built survey of completed project.

           Laconia Country Club - Golf Course Renovation
Boundary survey and ground control for aerial topographic
survey. Jurisdictional wetland location, site planning, and
regulatory permitting for complete golf course renovation.

          Anne Grumbling Subdivision - Sanbornton, N.H.
Boundary, topographic, and jurisdictional wetlands survey.
Test pits and percolation tests as required. Subdivide 56
acre property into (9) lots and obtain regulatory permits
from N.H.D.E.S. and the Sanbornton Planning Board

          Pike Industries, Inc. - Tilton Sand & Gravel
Boundary survey and ground control for aerial mapping on
354 acre commercial/industrial site. Coordinate jurisdictional
wetlands delineation, location and mapping. Research,
boundary determination, and draft plan for recording.

         Parsons Engineering Science, Inc. - Laconia PSNH/NUSCO
Hydrographic survey of Winnipesaukee River from Messer
street bridge to Church street bridge. Prepare map used for
base data for test borings to locate extent of environmental


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